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Direct delegation of MATIC coin to Ankr validator on Polygon staking


How to delege process on Polygon Staking? Specifically, I'm interested in delegating MATIC tokens to the Ankr Validator without going through the Ankr website staking dashboard. My intention is to avoid acquiring the ankrMATIC liquid staking token.

Is it OK to directly delegate MATIC to the AnkrValidator using this.

Answers 1

Indeed, it is feasible to directly delegate MATIC tokens to the AnkrValidator without necessitating the utilization of the Ankr website staking dashboard. The act of directly delegating tokens to validators is a customary practice within proof-of-stake networks. However, it merits mentioning that the procedural particulars and prerequisites might diverge contingent on the staking platform and network in question. Within the framework of the Polygon network, you possess the capability to directly delegate MATIC tokens to validators without the intermediary involvement of tokens like ankrMATIC.