How will the value change is I swap from Dex?


People stake in different time, if I want to swap from dex, how the value change? for example, Leo staked yesterday but I already staked 100days, but both of us can swap from dex, the value of the aethc in dex is same, and the token is erc20 not a NFT

but I stake 100days, Leo stake just one day, assume that we all stake 1eth and get 1 aethc but in dex, we swap 1 aethc but get same amount that is not make sense as I stake longer than leo, if I swap I should get more than Leo

Answers 1

You'll earn the reward on your staked eth, the choice to swap aETHc is yours if you hold it and unstake it you'll have rewards worth 100 days more than leo on final day of unstaking