Is there any difference in services for customers to use Ankr if they use fiat vs token?


I'm wondering how businesses are incentivized to hold ankr tokens, with the volatility of the market, if service prices are relatively fixed. If they bought the token during the dips, its great. But I'm wondering down the line if it makes sense for an enterprise to risk a 5-10% differential depending on market conditions if they're going to use the token vs. paying Ankr straight cash

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Right now we have different services with fiat and token, on our API and NODE side all the services are fiat based, we also offer free calls to try out on our API line, You can check about it here:

As for the Ankr Protocol, we offer the Premium RPC for 10K Ankr, Plus yo can also be a node provider for 50K Ankr For this please refer here: