How can I build an AppChain?


How can I build an AppChain?

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Despite all their benefits, AppChains can be difficult to build and launch which is why Ankr’s expertise and setup service is so crucial for helping users get their AppChains off the ground and into Web3.

There are 6 main technical features that you’ll need to get started with your AppChain:

  • Validator nodes
  • RPC endpoint
  • Block explorer
  • Testnet token faucet
  • Cross-chain bridge
  • Staking UI

Through Ankr’s AppChain program, you have several options for each of these components — being able to choose from building certain pieces yourself with our provided instructions and support, or going hands-off and letting us take care of all the technical legwork for you.

You’ll also have access to Ankr’s Exchange-Readiness program in which we use our immense industry experience to help you prepare to apply for token listings on major exchanges.